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Who are we

TechnoGlobe is a Joint Venture between TechnoGems Inc. and OneGlobe LLC created to provide customers with innovative solutions to mission oriented technology needs. TechnoGlobe is a 8(a) small business that provides effi-cient software engineering, architecture, methodologies and practices for Federal Government customers. We cre-ate solutions using modern approaches such as agile development, DevSecOps, data analytics, and the cloud. We find solutions to the hard problems our customers face.

What we do

Agile software development

We deliver value to our customers using proven agile techniques and methodologies. With a practical approach, we keep the focus on what really matters: delivering high quality software and systems that meet or exceed customer expectations. We recognize that agile delivery requires discipline as well as flexibility, have successfully transitioned heavyweight processes and systems to more agile, adaptive models that use automation throughout the process.

Cloud Platforms

We build systems that leverage today's scalable cloud platforms. We define infrastructure as code and make use of efficient cloud services where it makes sense. Our architecture teams outline cloud strategies and migration plans to move even the most complex systems to cloud or hybrid platforms. TechnoGlobe member, OneGlobe, is an Ad-vanced Tier member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network, and an authorized AWS reseller.


We understand the importance of data and no matter the size or shape of your data, we can help put it to work for you. We build secure and flexible big data platforms, analytics and visualization engines, and data distribution hubs that remove risk from data management. Our Data Scientists and Engineers will help analyze your data and to structure it to find the patterns and benefits hidden within and work with you to design the right visualizations.

Integration Services

TechnoGlobe engineers implement software integrations across a variety of disciplines. Our experts deliver solu-tions that help our customers leverage the latest technologies and platforms, including web applications, Document Management, Business Process Management, Identity and Access Management, mobile systems, and EDI.

Why we are different

  • TechnoGlobe staff are fully cleared personnel with experience modernizing systems and getting the job done
  • Quality is at the core of everything we do. Our focus on automated continuous delivery, testing, and improve-ment ensures that we are not only delivering, but delivering with high quality in a repeatable, rock-solid manner.
  • OneGlobe is an Advanced Tier member of the AWS Partner Network, the Public Sector Program, and a Reseller
  • We provide full service IT solutions and have the skill to identify, plan and perform cost-saving steps throughout the system lifecycle to enhance system efficiency, while optimizing the value that we deliver to our customers.

Past Performance

  • AWS Managed Services
  • DevOps Pipeline Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Grants Management
  • Identity Management & Access Control
  • Case Management
  • Common Operation Picture
  • Intelligence Lifecycle
  • Immigration Processing
  • Financial Management
  • Customs and Cargo Processing

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